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"What is this? A convention? Every time we turn around there's another dinosaur." - Will Marshall

William "Will" Marshall is one of the main characters on the Land of the Lost. He was played by Wesley Eure.

Personality and Appearance[]

Will is a young good-looking young man devoted to his father and his sister. Brave, adventurous and spirited, he loves exploring and discovering new things, often regardless of his safety and consequences of his activity. He is often condescending toward his sister, treating her with snide and derisive comments as part of their sibling rivalry, Deep down, he loves his sister, he is not always conscious of when his humorous taunts are insulting to her. He is actually very protective of her. He is obedient to his father and respects him very much. He often seen in an unbuttoned brown shirt with matching pants and carries a handmade knife.


Will is the teenage son of Rick Marshall and brother of Holly Marshall. His mother's name hasn't been revealed. He frequently has bouts of sibling rivalry with his sister Holly, though they overcome such issues when the situation becomes difficult enough. Will is the most adventurous of the Marshalls, frequently taking "shortcuts" as an excuse to explore new territory, and tampering with Pylons to determine their function. He was once trapped in a pylon with his father as many time doorways were opened. He even saw his time, but chose not to go because Holly was not with them. He likes to fish and he created the only fishing pole in the Land of the Lost, but when he caught a fish, Cha-Ka thought it was evil and threw it into the river. Will taught Cha-ka English and how to shake hands. Will is always convincing Holly her to go exploring with him. He also teases her and gets on her nerves, especially about her cooking. He chases Sleestak with torches and gets close up and personal with the dinosaurs. In episode 6 of the 3rd season he gets poisoned by Torchy. He was healed by just staying in bed.

2009 film[]

00will stanton.jpg

Will Stanton is an amusement park operator, gift shop owner and survivalist who owns the land where Holly Cantrell does her research. Along with Dr. Rick Marshall, they get transported to the Land of the Lost where they encounter the Sleestak. He eventually stays behind in the Pakuni Village with his friend Cha-Ka.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Will's name is changed for the film, from Will Marshall, to Will Stanton.
  • Actor Wesley Eure filmed Land of the Lost while simultaneously working on the daytime TV soap opera Days of Our Lives.