Land of the Lost
Season 1, Episode 6
Air date October 12, 1991
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Wild Thing, the sixth episode of the Land of the Lost (1991 TV series).


The baby Dinosaur Tasha unwittingly makes trouble for the Porters. She is loud at night, and keeps waking up the family. Then, Tasha accidentally knocks over the shower stall that Tom laboriously constructed.

Feeling that he has little choice, Tom orders Annie to send Tasha away to live in the wild. "No matter how sweet she is, she's still an animal", he notes.

Meanwhile, however, Shung and the Sleestak are looking for a way to gain possession of the Porters' car "their chariot", and set a trap in the woods for the now-on-her-own Tasha. Fortunately, a brontosaurus Tasha befriends comes to her aid.

In the end, the young dinosaur is allowed to come home again, to Annie and Tasha's relief.



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