The Toola is one of the indigenous insect life forms in the Land of the Lost. It is a large glittering multi-colored scarab beetle, which according to Enik was worshiped by the ancient Egyptians. It seems to be a usually docile insect, but when mistreated, it stings with a venom that affects the cognitive rational faculties of its victim, causing that individual to act contrary to their personality or negatively to others, like a "Mr. Hyde" response. The Toola's sting causes severe pain for several seconds, followed by the described malicious, selfish aspects of the victim's personality taking over. Furthermore, Enik implied that in this state, the victim would eventually die from the effects as the victim is put on "a course of self-destruction," apparently causing its victim to act without regard for life or safety, implying that the victim would eventually get himself killed by continuing to act recklessly. Enik further stated that the effects could be cured by finding the Toola and "treating it with kindness" (and again, what is meant by this is never revealed), causing in it to release its own antidote, possibly a pheromone that negates its own venom.

Seen peripherally by The Marshall Family during their time in the Land of the Lost, Cha-Ka and Holly discovered the Toola some months after the cataclysm that rocked the Land of the Lost. Attracted to its colors, Cha-Ka tried to keep it as a pet, but the Toola resisted and bit him, unleashing Cha-Ka's malicious and selfish nature. Now antagonistic to the Marshalls, he left their quarters at The Lost Temple in disarray, instigated Grumpy into charging at them and stole the Skull of Wisdom from the Sleestak, setting up Will Marshall to take the blame. When Enik visited, he told the Marshalls how to cure Cha-ka of his malicious and self-destructive nature, which Cha-Ka accomplished by giving the Toola a flower to eat. Once cured, Cha-ka quickly returned the Skull and rescued Will.



  • It is unrevealed if the Toola is a type of beetle that exists throughout the Land of the Lost or a random mutation occurring within a species indigenous to it.
  • It is unrevealed whether the Toola is a natural insect or some sort of mystical being.
  • As a long time resident of the Land of the Lost, it is unrevealed as to how Enik knows about Egyptian culture.
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