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Thomas "Tom" Porter is the widowed father of Kevin Porter and Annie Porter. After his wife, Natasha Porter, died in a car accident, he spent the next few years burying himself in his work as a lawyer. Before his wife's death, Tom would take his family camping most weekends in order to devote more time to them. Continuing the tradition, he arranged to take his children on the camping trip which ultimately led to their arrival in the Land of the Lost.

As a result, Tom feels enormous guilt for trapping his family in this dangerous place and strives to find a way back home to San Francisco at every opportunity. He is a compassionate man with a deep sense of morality and fairplay even when dealing with those who would threaten him or his family.

Back home, Tom often spent his afternoons jogging, hoping one day to win a marathon race.


  • In the episode Flight to Freedom, it is revealed Tom is approximately 180 pounds (He says to Scarface that he is, "180 pounds of raw meat").
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