00zarn ship

The Zarn's Ship was a huge wrecked starship discovered crashed in the Mist Marsh. Composed of energy, it was largely invisible but outlined in lights and composed of rooms and alien equipment including a computer bank that created androids, such as Sharon Williams, from the memories and thoughts of others. It was powered by a gravity drive whose power was strong enough to wreak damage to the Land of the Lost.

Rick Marshall and Will Marshall discovered the ship while exploring the Mist Marsh. Coming upon the ship, the Zarn used his computers to create the Sharon Williams android to investigate Marshalls, later destroying her to prove she was his creation. He later attempted to escape the Land of the Lost; his gravity drive wreaking havoc on the gravity of the area until it burned itself out.

It's later condition is unknown. The fate of the Zarn and his ship hasn't been revealed.


00zarn ship2

Zarn Ship at a distance

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