The Marshall Family was an American family who became trapped in the Land of the Lost. The names of the family members are Rick Marshall, Will Marshall and Holly Marshall. Rick's Wife passed away sometime prior when his kids were young. They are eventually joined by Rick's brother, Jack Marshall, after Rick was lost while tampering with one of the Pylons.

Not much is known about the lives of the Marshall family. It is known Rick used to live on Ford Street in Indianapolis and later moved to California. Holly also remarks having lived in a house in Harrisville (possibly in Utah) and later living in Wyoming at one point. During a routine expedition in the Grand Canyon, Rick took along Will and Holly to spend time with him, but downstream while exploring an uncharted canyon, an earthquake struck and washed them into an underground river, down a subterranean waterfall and though a portal in time and space.

View of Earth

Waking up the next morning, Rick and the kids woke up in the Land of the Lost and were pursued by a Tyrannosaurus rex to the local caves in the area they called High Bluff. Over time, they became friendly with the Pakuni, the local hominid race and learned to be wary of the Sleestak, a hostile race of humanoid lizards. As they explored the realm, they tried to learn the secret of the Pylons and learned that other people from Earth had been trapped in the Land of the Lost before them and had escaped or died there, such as Jefferson Davis Collie III, Peter Koenig and Harry Potts. They also encountered other people from other time periods, such as Beauregard Jackson and Lone Wolf as well as The Zarn, an alien entity.

Will, Holly, Jack

Incredibly resourceful, the Marshalls picked up techniques from the Native Americans on Earth to survive. For food, the gathered from the wild fruits and vegetables that grew in the land, such as giant strawberries, giant carrots, turnips, coconuts, onions, wild grapes and potatoes. They also caught wild chicken and fish for meat. They also built weapons and furniture from the palm branches.

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