Land of the Lost
Season 2, Episode 17
Air date October 3, 1992
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Life's A Beach

In The Gladiators, Shung the Sleestak captures the Porters and forces them to fight one another for his amusement.


The Sleestak leader, Shung, utilizes his crystal sword to hypnotize Dinosaurs into fighting for him as gladiators in his make-shift jungle arena. When Christa interferes to rescue her triceratops friend, Shung decides that she would make the perfect gladiator, and exerts his mind control over her, instead.

With Christa's unwitting help, the Sleestak capture the Porters, and make them fight in the arena. When Kevin, who has been training with Tom in the art of karate defeats a Sleestak in battle, Shung decides it is time for a new challenge.

Kevin shall have to fight his father, to the death. Christa manages to overcome her brainwashing and rescues Tom and Kevin. Christa even manages to destroy Shung’s crystal sword, a Sleestak weapon that has proven vexing for the Porters.



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