The Builder is an alien entity who appears in the Land of the Lost. He was played by Philip Paley

Personality and Appearance[edit | edit source]

The builder appears as a featureless red humanoid. However, it is able to assume the form of a small human male child. It is unknown if it can adopt any other forms.

The Builder, so it claims, created the Land of the Lost; therefore it has vast power, sufficient to create entire worlds, including indigenous life forms. It apparently has at least some degree of omniscience, and discerns the character and "readiness" (although what he means by this is never made clear) of those he encounters.

He was also able to render Will and Rick Marshall unconscious with a gesture. He apparently has great healing powers as injuries sustained by Will Marshall were instantly cured.

While his motives are an enigma, he seems to be a benevolent entity. Besides restoring the health of Will and Holly Marshall, he progressed the evolutionary state of Cha-Ka, as evinced by Cha-Ka suddenly adopting a more erect posture and demonstrating greater proficiency with a woodwind instrument resembling an alto-recorder.

Background[edit | edit source]

Will Marshall, Rick Marshall, Holly Marshall, and Cha-Ka find a temple with Human-looking hand prints. Holly finds a Red Ring and Cha-Ka messes with a table that lights up. Soon after they leave strange red shapes appear in the sky that connect with the table Cha-Ka messed with. A strange figure cloaked in a red light came behind them. A voice in the air called out for Holly, Cha-Ka, Ta and Sa.

They decided to take Holly back to the temple to get the ring off. It was stuck and it drained the energy out of her. On the way there the glowing red figure (the builder) told Will and Rick it was not their time and they were rendered unconscious. Ta and Sa ran away and the voice in the wind told them they failed. Cha-Ka tried to get Holly back to the temple but he could not carry her. The builder then shrunk and turned into a small boy who took the ring off Holly and put it on Cha-Ka and told him it was his time.

Later in the cave, Will and Rick wondered who's time it was. Cha-Ka was then shown playing a flute perfectly and in the beginning of the episode he was terrible. The builder had given him the gift of genius and not long after he could walk and run upright and talk. When Holly had the ring on she was in a trance and when Rick asked her what The Builder built she spread her arms apart pointing to the valley hinting that The Builder was one of the original race who built the Land of the Lost.

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