Lotl Tasha

Tasha is one of the main Dinosaurs in the show Land of the Lost (1991 TV series).

Tasha, an orphaned and baby Saurolophus. After the death of her mother by Scarface, Tasha's egg was rescued by Annie Porter. Upon hatching, Kevin Porter was the first person she saw and she immediately imprinted on him. Tasha appears to be quite intelligent for a dinosaur exhibiting almost human behavior at times. Through pantomime, body language, and an extensive range of vocal emotions, she is surprisingly capable of communicating with Humans. Tasha seems to understand complex commands and inquiries, and is even able to grasp and manipulate items in her hands. For a short time, Tasha was given the ability to speak by Keela. Tasha has a voracious appetite for a herbivore and will try to eat almost anything within reach. However, she prefers melons.

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