Stink is a Pakuni, from the Land of the Lost (1991 TV series). His relationship to Cha-Ka (if any) is unclear.

Stink's parents died as slaves in Shung's crystal mine when he was very young. Some time later, he met Christa as a young Human girl and they helped each other to survive, becoming allies and inseparable friends.

Despite his animal-like appearance, Stink is very intelligent, with an intense knowledge of plant and animal life. He is also extremely adaptable and quickly picks up modern slang, idioms, and mannerisms from his human companions. He is gifted with keen senses, incredible agility, insatiable curiosity, and a wacky sense of humor.

Stink is very close to Annie Porter. Stink has an easy friendship with Kevin Porter as well.


  • Possibly because of his ape-like ancestry, Stink has an affinity for bananas and suinaku fruit, as well as a fear of termites.
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