Land of the Lost
Season 2, Episode 25
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Sorceress’s Apprentice is the twenty-fifth episode of Land of the Lost.


The sorceress Keela returns.


Annie is given the sorceress Keela's spell book for safe keeping.

Unfortunately, Kevin also wants to learn the how to preform magic and tries to steal it from her. Tom warns Kevin to not take things that do not belong to him, but soon Kevin enlists Stink's help in the task.

Later, Shung and his renegade Sleestak steals the book from Kevin and gets his hands on the book. While trying to understand it's workings, he accidentally transforms Tom into a turtle.

Annie gets the book back, and must practice her own magic to restore her imperiled father. Unfortunately, instead of being restored, Tom is turned into Magas. When Keela finally returns to claim her spell book, the sorceress is able to help the children restore their father to normal and informs Annie that using such magic properly takes years of practice.



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