The Sleestak Leader is a recurring character in the Land of the Lost. He was played by actor Jon Locke.

Personality and Appearance[edit | edit source]

Physically, the Sleestak Leader is indistinguishable from any other Sleestak, except that he occasionally wears a silver chain with a silver amulet around his neck. Like all Sleestak, he has a strong aversion to bright light, venturing out of the Lost City only at night or during the darkest, gloomiest days.

He is the only Sleestak capable of speaking English, which he does with greater fluency than Cha-ka. Unlike Cha-ka, the Sleestak Leader can speak in the first and second person, and can use linking verbs. The Sleestak Leader's voice is deep and guttural with very little inflection, which gives it a rather menacing quality.

While apparently of greater intelligence than the typical Sleestak, he is not as intelligent or rational as Enik. His relationship with Enik is rather tenuous. At times, he respects Enik's advice. For example, when he asked Enik to interpret the words of the Skull of Wisdom for his understanding. Other times, he seems to resent Enik, possibly seeing him as a threat to his leadership position or perhaps for Enik's vacillating loyalty to the Marshalls. He has, for instance, twice threatened to sacrifice Enik to the God of the Pit and once tried to give him to Malak as a slave.

Like all Sleestak, he is openly hostile toward the Marshalls and frequently blames them for any disaster that befalls them, even things that the Marshalls couldn't possibly have any control over, such as the sudden arrival of Torchy, who began discharging flames into the Lost City.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Sleestak Leader's first appearance was after the devastation to the Land of the Lost, when he ordered the Marshalls to vacate an abandoned Sleestak temple, which the Marshalls had established as their home base after the destruction of High Bluff. He must have had some unrevealed encounters with the Marshalls prior to this, as Will Marshall was easily able to identify him by his voice alone, and he explained to Jack that he was the only Sleestak who could speak English.

Nothing has been revealed about his history prior to this, such as how he rose to his position as leader of the Sleestak or how he learned to speak English. It is possible that since he is a telepath, he was able to learn English by reading the minds of the Marshalls.

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