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Skylons are three flying golden bi-pyramidal diamond-like objects that alert the presence of an irregular weather conditions in the Land of the Lost. The weather is controlled by the Weather Pylon.

When first encountered, the Marshalls dubbed them Skylons. When the Matrix Table in the Pylon has been tampered with in a destructive way, the Skylons arrived and hovered over the Pylon, while flashing a sequence of colors corresponding to the sequence of light Crystals required to restore the table.

Skylons also appeared to respond to signaling with reflected sunlight. The Skylons were apparently only able to cope with problems resulting directly from the erroneously set crystal matrix tables. The Skylons were unable to handle problems resulting from outside forces such as The Zarn's gravity drive, though they do indicate Zarn as the source of the problem.

Rick Marshall once suggested that they are "living machines" and possibly sentient. The door aperture in the Pylon is roughly the same shape as Skylons, but it is not known whether Skylons actually enter the Pylon through it. Instead, they were seen hovering around the Pylon at about the same level as its key.


  • Will originally suggested they be called "Sky Pylons," "Twirling Tops", or "Golden Streaks" before Holly finally agreed on "Skylons."
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