Land of the Lost
Season 2, Episode 20
Air date September 19, 1992
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Siren's Song is an episode of the Land of the Lost.


The Porters, Stink, Tasha and Christa go back to the beach to visit Namaki. While resting, however, they encounter a crisis. annie disappears without a trace, and [[Tom Porter]|Tom]] blames himself. Lately Tom has been thinking of his wife, and how he spent more time focusing on his career than on family.

The Porter's and Namaki go in search of Annie, Kevin finds her in a dark grotto, mesmerized by a Siren that has taken the form of their mother. When Kevin is ensnared by this witch as well, Tom must save them.

Tom discovers the Siren’s true form, that of an old crone, and she is freed from her imprisonment in the grotto once she acknowledges her own guilt, and once Namaki defeats her guard, a dragon.

"I was once a beautiful woman", she reveals to Tom, but was so obsessed with her beauty that it became more important to her than her own family. Having exorcised that demon, the siren finally goes free.



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