S'latch is one the Sleestak of the Land of the Lost. He was voiced by actor Ralph James.

Personality and Appearance[edit | edit source]

S'latch is an intelligent "throwback" Sleestak who looks like all the other Sleestak, but he can talk, and he was born with Altrusian characteristics not shared with the current evolutionary status of his people. He is a rare mutation who was born with the intelligence of his ancestors.

Background[edit | edit source]

S'latch is a member of the Sleestak race indigenous to the Land of the Lost. Sacrificed for being intelligent, he encountered Rick and Will when they were in the tunnels investigating the cavern of the Sleestak God, Rick was thrown into the pit after being caught by some Sleestak. Approaching Rick, S'latch and asked him to lower his weapons, explaining that he was no threat. Upon hearing a bestial roaring, S'latch explained that when the God became hungry, they would both be devoured. He also revealed that the Marshalls were not the first humans to come to the Land of the Lost, adding to Rick that most of the Sleestak are unintelligent and consider him a freak as a result.

S'latch and Rick almost succeed in climbing up and out of the pit, but S'latch falls and injures his leg. telling Rick to leave him behind. Rick insists on helping him out of the pit.

Eventually, both S'latch and Rick exit the pit as Will and Holly join them. S'latch follows the Marshalls out of the Lost City, and explains that despite his intelligence, he doesn't know how to open a time doorway. S'latch them tells them sadly that he must be going. Rick tells S'latch that they will meet again, and shakes his clawed hand before parting company.

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