Pteranodons are a species of toothless winged reptiles distantly related to Dinosaurs well known for their ability to fly. Extinct on Earth, several species still exist in the Land of the Lost which are believed to be identical to their Earthy counterparts. They have appeared in the 1970s, 1990s series and the 2009 Land of the Lost (film).

1990's Series[edit | edit source]

A Pteranodon tried to kill and eat Kevin Porter when he diverted the creature's attention while Christa picked some special plants to help heal Tom Porter, who was bitten by a poisonous lizard. One also tried to kill Kevin as he was looking for a birthday present for Christa. It also stole some of the Porters' belongings.

2009 Movie[edit | edit source]


The Pteranodons in the 2009 film

The Pteranodons laid their eggs in the ledge of a volcano where the heat kept them warm. Dr. Rick Marshall tracked his equipment here and was present when the eggs starting hatching.

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