Land of the Lost
Season 1, Episode 13
Air date December 7, 1991
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In Power Play, when all of the batteries go dead, Tom Porter goes searching for Crystals like Shung's to power their electronics.


When the Porters run out of batteries for their flashlight and other modern appliances, Tom realizes that a replacement power source is available: the glowing crystals of the Land of the Lost.

Tom goes in search of the unusual crystals, but soon runs afoul of Shung, leader of the outlaw Sleestaks. The pair being to fight, but soon seek shelter in a cave together when confronted by the ravenous Scarface.

Although Shung is much stronger than Tom, his vision is poor because of a blow he'd sustained to the head. The pair survive together for a time in the dark before Tom escapes with crystals.

After reuniting with the others, Kevin asks if they should bury Shung alive in the cavern, Tom realizes that to do so would be inhuman.



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