Peter Koenig and Harry Potts were unseen characters in the Land of the Lost.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

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Peter Koenig was a private in the army of General George Washington during the Revolutionary War. He arrived with his companion Harry Potts under unknown means in the Land of the Lost some time prior to the Marshalls and they explored the land and region extensively in search of a way back to Earth. Coming to fear the Dinosaurs, which they called "thundering lizards," Koenig and Potts also encountered the Pakuni and taught them English, but they also clashed with the descendants of the Altrusians several times, whom they called "Sleestak" in honor of Major Joshua Sleestak of the Continental Army. They eventually left a warning on a stone pillar where they had written "Beware of Sleestak" with chalk.

Beware-of-Sleestak movie

Beware of Sleestak message

After some period, Koenig lost contact with Potts and left notes suggesting that Potts had found a way to return home. In his search for him, Koenig left behind a dummy made from his clothes stuffed with Dinosaur Nip and left his diary behind in three parts for others to find. Koenig trailed Potts into the The Lost City, passing into the third entrance "where the pillars end" where he again encountered the Sleestak. He eventually became trapped on a narrow passageway in a lava chamber he dubbed the Devil's Cauldron where he died.

Several months after their arrival, the Marshalls discovered the Sleestak message and eventually Koenig's dummy and diary. They soon trailed his notes into the Devil's Cauldron where they found Koenig's skeleton, just barely escaping as the heat rose and woke the hibernating Sleestak.



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