Species information
Native land

Land of the Lost

Distinguishing features

Hair all over their faces, early humanoid

Famous members

Cha-Ka, Ta and Sa, Stink, Opah




Have their own language

The Pakuni are a race of humanoid-like primates indigenous to the Land of the Lost. They appeared in the first two seasons of Land of the Lost as well in variant forms in two reboots.


The Pakuni (singular: Paku) are a primate species similar to the extinct hominid Paranthropus of the Earth's Ice Age. They have edged out foreheads and travel hunched over, often speaking a simplistic language similar in aspects to the aborigine tribes of Earth. They are covered in hair with human-like faces except with a flatter nose.


The Pakuni have their own language and go through a ritual every second day of the third moon cycle. The ritual is to toss in a vegetable to the God, a Pylon where then they get a shopping cart from Earth and a lot of food. Another ritual is the passage to manhood. The child Paku will have to steal an egg from a Dinosaur, usually Big Alice in The Lost City. The only weapons they have is a bag of rocks that momentarily distract the dinosaur and a staff.

The Pakuni are easily scared. They have been known to be scared of most dinosaurs except babies. Although the Pakuni once routed Spot, causing him to flee into a tar pit. Also the Pakuni are stubborn and don't learn easily. The Pakuni have also been known to be loyal if they are bribed.


The Pakuni usually live in an area of dense jungle. The Pakuni usually have two rocks, one for their painting of god, and another for their safety. Some Pakuni have adapted to live in places like the Altrusian mountains and some on a desert like the High Bluff.


There are only three known Pakuni. They are Cha-Ka, Ta and Sa. Ta is the oldest and largest male Pakuni and is the authority figure. He is not to be questioned. Sa, the female Pakuni, usually follows Ta without question, although she has been known to be a moderating influence on Ta. Cha-Ka is the smallest and youngest. He is generally bossed around and bullied by Ta. Cha-Ka is far more devoted to the Marshalls than either Ta or Sa.

While the relationship of the three Pakuni is never clearly established, it appears that Ta and Sa are Cha-Ka's older siblings rather than parents.

2009 VersionEdit

The Pakuni living together in a fairly large village. It also shows Pakuni females which are far more human-looking than the males.


  • In the 1970s series, Pakuni is usually used to referred to the group in the plural sense while Paku refers to a member of the group; however, this rule is not strictly observed as even Cha-Ka sometimes refers to himself as a Pakuni. At times, even Rick Marshall uses the terms interchangeably.
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