Namaki is a piscine-like humanoid who lives in a hut-like shelter on a beach miles from the Porter treehouse. Years ago, he befriended Christa's family and helped them build a raft to cross the ocean. They were reunited many years later when Christa (whom he refers to as "Christas") brought the Porters to that very same beach to recuperate.

Despite his aquatic physiology, Namaki has never been to the other side of the ocean, afraid to attempt the crossing because of the frequent storms and the dangerous marine predators. Namaki is unable to hear music possibly due to his aquatic physiology.



  • It is revealed that Namaki has a dislike for Dinosaurs ("thunder lizards") because of a scar he received on his right shoulder years before. But after the incident with the Siren, Namaki comes to like Tasha.
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