The Myzarnian Cyborg is a creature who appears in Land of the Lost using stop-animation.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

The Myzarnian Cyborg is a giant cybernetic creature from the future of the planet Myzar 3 empowered by cybernetic devices. It was considered a highly intelligent and dangerous species. It has thermal version and its technological level is beyond Earth's standards. He was sometimes called "Cy" for short.

Despite all of his abilities, the Cyborg has three weaknesses; one is respiration. The air on its Myzar 3 is richer in both oxygen and hydrogen, and the air in the Land of the Lost is so thin that the Cyborg tires very easily. Its out-of-date thermal version is ultra-light sensitive, which means it can become blind by camera flashes.

The Cyborg currently lives in a cave in the mountains and attacks anyone who comes near it.


Not much is known about the Myzarnian Cyborg, but it's name implies it comes from a planet named Myzarn and that it was given cybernetic parts at some point, possibly to make it a better fighter.


Notes and TriviaEdit

  • According to Simon Cardenas, the Cyborg is bigger, meaner and smarter than Scarface. As such, he was able to beat Scarface in his debut episode.
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