Land of the Lost
Season 1, Episode 9
Air date October 26, 1991
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Flight To Freedom

In Mind Games Shung uses his crystal blade and a stolen "peace" pendant to control Christa's mind.


Shung, believing she could be a valuable ally, attempts to control Christa's mind. This mind-control comes at an unfortunate time, however, as Annie is spending time with Christa, learning to survive in the jungle. As Annie, Christa and Tasha have a sleep-over while Tom and Kevin re-shingle the tree-house roof.

Soon enough Shung puts his plan into motion and sets about making Christa his slave. When Christa struggles to break free of the crystal blades influence, he tells her "I own you...I am your master now!"

The Porters rally to save Christa, even as Shung takes control of her mind. Once they are able to free her, Christa and the others escape Shung.



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