Land of the Lost
Season 2, Episode 23
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Make My Day is an episode of the Land of the Lost.


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Kevin goes around with a water pistol shooting Tasha and Stink. Meanwhile, Tasha is teething, and chewing up Tom's shoes in hopes of diminishing the pain.

After Kevin is attacked by the Sleestak, he learns that Stink has discovered a highly advanced hand-gun in the nearby ruins. That even the Sleestak's don’t recognize as being representative of their technology.

But Shung learns about the "light gun" and wants the weapon for himself. Dressing up in some camouflage, Kevin decides to confront the Sleestak with the highly-advanced weapon.

Then Kevin, along with Tasha and Stink confront the Sleestak and shoot the ground around them, forcing them into retreat. Kevin, Stink and Tasha escape with Shung collecting the now-broken laser gun. When he realizes it is broken, he throws it away in fury.



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