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The Mageti is an ancient Altrusian artifact of indiscernible and unknown composition. Not much is known about it, but it is known to be susceptible to psychic energy, such as brainwaves. In its presence, both Will Marshall and Holly Marshall were able to demonstrate psychokinetic force allowing them to push each other from several feet apart. However, Enik explained its primary function as a diving rod able to locate and access dimensional gateways for traveling between alternate dimensions. It also had a self-destruction mechanism in it to prevent beings of hostile intent from using it.

The artifact was discovered by Will and Holly in a cave in the Land of the Lost. Enik immediately claimed it to return to his time, but it's discovery also resulted in him discovery The Lost City, forcing him to realize he had traveled into his future instead of his past. After explaining how it worked, Will realized it could be used to get back home and a quarrel lead to the Mageti's limited power to be depleted.

Enik later revealed he a separate device, an amulet with similar "divining rod" properties for opening and fixing dimensional gateways, although it required an external power source.


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