Lulu is one of the indigenous creatures in the Land of the Lost.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Lulu is an adult Elasmosaurus that presides in the lake in the Land of the Lost and often comes up in the swamp to terrify and try to catch prey, usually from the Pakuni or the Marshall Family. She seems to have characteristics of Earthly elasmosaurs, and although she has not been seen in her entirety, she appears to be over 35 feet long with grey skin and a mouth full of sharp teeth. However, she does have an added mutation with two heads which seem cognizant of each other and long projectile tongues which extend and retreat with her shrieks. Territorial and aggressive, Lulu is third among the top predators of the Land of the Lost behind Grumpy and Big Alice. She is very well adapted to marine conditions, but her vision is not very good out of the water. She can be easily confused by two potential prey running in opposite directions.


Lulu is a two-headed Elasmosaurus of the Sauropterygia order, a type of sea-going marine reptile that dominated the seas of Earth from the Late Triassic to the Late Cretaceous and often at odds with the sea-going Mosasaurs. It is unrevealed if she is the last of her kind, but it is known she was brought to the surface in the earthquake following Rick Marshall's escape from the Land of the Lost (along with Torchy) and trapped in the swamp where she frequently surfaces trying to catch prey. It was Jack Marshall who learned how to deceive her by running in separate directions.



  • Lulu was given her name by Holly Marshall, who explained it as "one Lu for each head."
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