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This pages features the theme songs and Will Marshall's various songs through the series.

Opening Theme (1974-1977)Edit

Marshall, Will, and Holly
On a routine expedition
Met the greatest earthquake ever known
High on the rapids
It struck their tiny raft
And plunged them down a thousand feet below
To the land of the lost (lost, lost, lost, lost, lost)

Closing Theme (1974-1977)Edit

When I look all around
I can't believe the things I've found
Now I need to find my way
I'm lost, I'm lost, find me
Livin' in the Land of the Lost
Livin' in the Land of the Lost

Third Season ThemeEdit

Will and Holly Marshall
As the earth beneath them trembled
Lost their father through the door of time
Uncle Jack went searching
And found those kids at last
Looking for a way to escape
From the Land of the Lost

Will's Song from CorneredEdit

Sunshine in the morning,
The color of my dreams,
It keeps me ever searching
For tomorrow, and it seems
I found myself a life
I've never known before.
It keeps me ever mindful
Of what I'm looking for.

Will's Song from Ancient Guardian Edit

I wanna let you know
Something tells me so
Time is short and waiting won't be long.
We're gonna see the day
When troubles pass away.
That's how it's gonna be for you and me.
When we can see the day
That troubles pass away
We'll find a better place for you and me.

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