The Land of the Lost soundtrack is a soundtrack album containing the music of the film adaptation, including the musical score by Michael Giacchino.

Tracklist Edit

  1. Swamp And Circumstance
  2. The Lighter Side Of Archaeology
  3. Food Coma For Thought
  4. A Routine Expedition
  5. The Greatest Earthquake Ever Known
  6. Matt Lauer Can Suck It
  7. Chaka Chasedown
  8. The Ones That Got Away
  9. Enik Calls For Marshall
  10. Sleestak Attack
  11. Enik The Altrusian
  12. The Cosmic Lost And Found
  13. When Piss On Your Head Is A Bad Idea
  14. A New Marshall In Town
  15. Pterodactyl Ptemper Ptantrum
  16. The Crystal Cave
  17. In Search Of...Holly
  18. Undercover Sleestak
  19. Never Trust A Dude In A Tunic
  20. If You Don’t Make It, It’s Your Own Damn Vault
  21. Holly Mad As Sin
  22. Sleestak Showdown
  23. Stakbusters
  25. Crystal Clear
  26. Mystery Cave Reunion
  27. Ready And Will
  28. End Credits Can Suck It!
  29. Pop Goes The Sleestak
  30. A Routine Expedition (Original)
  31. The Devil’s Canyon Mystery Cave (Original)
  32. Crystal Clear (Film Version)
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