Junior is one of the dinosaurs of the Land of the Lost. He was created using stop-motion animation.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Junior was a juvenile Allosaurus around three feet tall and four feet long with grey skin, short fore limbs and a long tail. He couldn't roar and instead made a beeping noise. He was completely docile and completely harmless to the Marshalls.


Junior was the name of a young Allosaurus that lived in the Land of the Lost.

When Cha-Ka attempted to steal an egg to complete a Pakuni ritual, Junior hatched out of it. Seeing Holly Marshall first as she approached the newborn Allosaurus, Junior initially believed that she was his parent, but he was soon made to understood that Big Alice was his mother. He was named Junior by Will Marshall. At the time, Big Alice had Will, Holly and Cha-Ka trapped with her egg at a temple surrounded by pillars which were spaced too closely together to allow Alice to enter. While Alice was kept out, the Marshalls could not escape without encountering Big Alice. It was then that Junior hatched from the egg. Seeing the baby Allosaurus, Will then remarked dryly that they had "Mom on the outside and Junior on the inside." However, the Marshalls soon managed to escape as Alice focused on her newborn offspring, as did Cha-Ka with a piece of the empty egg shell.

Junior was often protected and guarded by his mother as they went hunting. Junior's fate was never revealed, but it is likely he grew to adulthood.



  • Junior's egg was far larger than actual Allosaurus eggs, which were roughly the size and shape of goose eggs. Junior's egg was at least five and a half feet long.
  • Junior emitted a rather odd quacking sound, but this (like the size of the egg he hatched from) was merely an artistic embellishment. As dinosaurs had no vocal cords, a newborn Allosaurus could not have vocalized anything.


  • Alice and Junior's eggGo to Big Alice
  • Junior and Big Alice
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