Jack Marshall is a main character in the Land of the Lost, replacing the character of Rick Marshall played by Spencer Milligan. He was played by Ron Harper


Jack is the brother of Rick Marshall and uncle of Will Marshall and Holly Marshall. When Rick, Will, and Holly went missing, Jack began searching for them and eventually fell through a time doorway created by Rick attempting to escape the Land of the Lost. He came into the world just as Rick fell through a time doorway home. When he meet up with this nephew and niece, Jack caught on fast, using his wits to outsmart many things in the Land of the Lost.

In their first meeting Jack fooled Malak into thinking he was a god. He then used a pain killer to help Malak's toothache. Then he made fire with a match. Malak claimed he could do the same. When Malak was not looking Jack dipped them in water. Jack then told him that he had a scepter that can create light, actually a flash light. Jack got Malak to stop draining the river which dehydrated the animals and flooded the home of the Sleestak in exchange for the flashlight. Malak agreed, but the battery soon ran out and Malak was over thrown by the Sleestak. Jack also once tricked Torchy to be trapped in a canyon.

Jack also faced several enemies with whom a peaceful settlement or negotiation was inconceivable, truly evil entities such as Medusa, whom he had to trick into turning herself into stone. When the Sleestak gained more intelligence as well as the guidance of a malevolent power in the form of the Sleestak skull. Jack even met the captain of the famous ghost ship, the Flying Dutchman Captain Van Der Mere.


Jack wasn't above using violence against the Sleestak such as homemade bombs and flare guns. But presumably out of consideration for Enik, he avoided deadly force when possible, using such tactics to scare instead of deliberately take Sleestak lives.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Jack is more of a man of action and while rarely resorting to violence, he will use trickery and deception.
  • Jack is an engineer by training and designed the impenetrable doorway to the temple they start living in during season 3.
  • Jack wasn't as inclined as Rick was to teaching life lessons or preachy moralizing.
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