Land of the Lost
Season 1, Episode 16
Air date December 21, 1974
Written by David Gerrold and Larry Niven
Directed by Bob Lally
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Hurricane was the Sixteenth episode of the First Season. It was written by David Gerrold and Larry Niven.

Summary Edit

While fooling around with a Pylon, Will Marshall opens a Dimensional gateway that brings an astronaut and a hurricane to the Land of the Lost.


While exploring atop a hillside, Will and Holly come across a pylon that they've never seen. Seeing that the crystal panel inside is the same one that Enik was able to open the door with, Will decides to fool around with it. What he is able to accomplish is make a moving shining light appear in the sky. Will and Holly are amazed to see what looks like a parachutist coming out from the moving light.

They find that that parachutist is a human astronaut, Fort Worth Texas based Beauregard Jackson. Will and Holly soon realize that what the shining light is another doorway, this one from home since that's where Beauregard came from.

Rick joining the group, the foursome try to figure out how they can get through the shining light and supposedly back to Earth. That task is easier said than done, as the light is in the sky, and what seems to be happening is that the moving light itself is causing a hurricane causing problems for them on the ground.

With the help of the Marshalls, Jackson soon managed to return via the same doorway, but the Marshall's can't follow, since Earth's end of the doorway is fifteen miles above the ground, and there was only one parachute.


  • "Never play with anything you don't understand."




  • Ostensibly, "Never play with anything you don't understand." Rick, however, admits that - in some cases, anyway - it is difficult at best to gain understanding without trial and error. Such is verified by his closing line: "If I catch you fooling around with another pylon...There'll be no television for a week."
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