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They look like you!

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Rick, Will, Holly




Not native to the Land of the Lost

Humans (or Homo sapiens) are a humanoid species native to the planet Earth. They are one of the non-native species who frequently enter the Land of the Lost.


Compared to the Altrusians, humans are limited in technology, and compared to the Sleestak are average in physical strength.


Rick Marshall, Will Marshall, and Holly Marshall are three humans who were brought to the mysterious Land by means of a Dimensional gateway. This gateway opened when they are swept down a gigantic waterfall.

The main goal of the three is to find a way to return home. They are occasionally aided in this by the Altrusian castaway Enik. They later learn that they'd been caught in a time paradox, that the gateway was actually opened by Rick himself, while in Enik's cave, as a way for the current Marshalls to return to Earth, resolving the paradox and allowing Enik to also return to his time.


  • All Land of the Lost series


  • In the 90s remake it is a family called the Porter's substituting for the Marshall's.
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