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"Oh, Fat Rats!" - Holly Marshall

Holly Marshall is one of the main characters of the Land of the Lost. She is the daughter of Rick Marshall, the sister of Will Marshall and the niece of Jack Marshall. She is the youngest human living in the Land of the Lost. She was played by actress Kathy Coleman.

Personality and Appearance[]

Holly is a smart, creative and energetic young girl, having named much of the life and activity in the Land of the Lost. She can also be very resourceful when she needs it. She is often working hard doing chores for her father even if her brother Will is often leading her off on adventures, during which she is often trying to be a voice of reason. Due to her age, she is usually frightened at most problems, and she has mild acrophobia (fear of heights). She and her brother fight sometimes, even over trivial matters as he is often teasing or mocking her, but when the problem gets tough, they are able to work together. She is often seen wearing a red-checkered shirt with brown pants. She sometimes wears her blonde hair in a pair of braids.


Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, Holly is the daughter of Rick Marshall and the sister of Will Marshall. Her mother's name has never been revealed but it is known she is deceased, having died in an unknown accident. According to Rick, she looks like her mother and even inherited her mother's headstrong personality. The family eventually moves to Wyoming where she tags along with her brother on an expedition in the American Southwest with their father. They were caught by rapids caused by an earthquake and washed through a dimensional gateway into the Land of the Lost for a series of adventures. She has saved her brother Will on several occasions, such as from the Sleestak God, during which she got a scar. Holly is very kind to the animals of the Land of the Lost and can even speak the Pakuni Language. She befriended Dopey and adopted him as a temporary pet. Her chores include watching the cave, cleaning and cooking, which is often ridiculed during Will's moments for levity.

Holly has been scared about most of the problems that have come up in their adventures, but she has mainly been strong about her decisions. She has been hit by many of the threats of the Land of the Lost, including being captured by the Sleestak, The Zarn and a mysterious Red Ring that drained the energy from the creatures that wore it. Holly has named almost all of the dinosaurs that the Marshalls come across.

Holly even once met a future version of herself named Rani during an adventure in the stone ruins known as The Lost City. Rani turns out to be from at least ten years into Holly's future, and she even has the same scar on her lower arm that Holly later acquires, thus confirming her identity. This strongly suggests that she and her family eventually do get home with ten years of their arrival, but since the future is always in flux, this can't be assured.

2009 film[]

00holly friedel.jpg

Holly Cantrell was a research assistant who befriended Dr. Rick Marshall over his controversial theories combining time warps and paleontology. She shows him a fossil with an imprint of a cigarette lighter which he recognizes as his own along with a crystal made into a necklace that gives off strong tachyon energy. She convinces him to finish his tachyon amplifier and come help her on a seemingly routine expedition to the cave where Holly found the fossil. The location results in them getting pulled into the Land of the Lost with Will Stanton, an abrasive tourist shop owner.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Holly's name is changed for the film from Holly Marshall to Holly Cantrell.
  • Holly was originally going to turn up as a character in the 1991 version of the series in order to connect the two series, but when casting became impossible, the role was changed to a character named Christa.