High Bluff is a cliff face face the jungle with natural cave fifteen feet off the ground with holes for light and ventilation. The Marshall Family makes it their home after getting stranded in the Land of the Lost and an adequate defensible position for avoiding dinosaur attacks. From the cave entrance the Marshalls can drive away Grumpy by driving a large stick into his mouth. This trick is repeated over several encounters with him.

Several large stair step-like stone formations below it allow the Marshalls and various visitors to climb in and out of the cave; there is also a crevice in the rocks at the base of the cliff that is inaccessible to the large dinosaurs. Will defends himself against Grumpy's attack this way after meeting Cha-Ka.

Unfortunately, the cliff is destroyed after serious repercussions wreak damage in the Land of the Lost. Afterward, the Marshalls have to make their home in a temple near the Lost City.


  • The footage of the Marshalls battling Grumpy with the "fly swatter" reused almost the exact same footage in several episodes.


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