The God of the Pit is an unidentified and unseen creature that lives deep beneath the caves under the Lost City. Not much is known about it, or how it came into existence. From its sounds, it might be a dinosaur but this is unconfirmed.

Worshiped as a god by the Sleestak, the creature is the source of many sacrifices. The Sleestak sacrifice their enemies to the beast to placate it. This pit is filled with smoke, making it hard for anyone to see it. All of the Marshalls have been sacrificed to it at some point or another. The Sleestak also sacrifice to it evolutionary throwbacks to the Altrusians from among themselves to it, such as S'latch. Some sacrifices have managed to escape the pit via a tunnel up to the Sleestak cave.

It is known that the creature guards a relic known as The Orb. Enik once instructed Will Marshall into retrieving the Orb from the pit for him, but it was shattered soon after.

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