Land of the Lost
Season 1, Episode 13
Air date November 30, 1973
Written by Dick Morgan
Directed by Dennis Steinmetz
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Follow That Dinosaur is the Thirteenth episode of the First Season. It was written by Dick Morgan

Summary Edit

The Marshalls find half a diary from a former Human resident of the Land of the Lost that might hold the key to returning to the real world.


The Marshalls area awakened one morning by the ruckus that Grumpy is causing at the entrance to High Bluff . They come to the realization that it is because they constructed a curtain to the cave to keep out flies, the material used being the Dinosaur equivalent of catnip. So they decide that it would be a good thing to get rid of all the "Dinosaur Nip" as Holly calls it.

In the process of pulling out and getting rid of all the dinosaur-nip, Will and Holly come across what they initially believe is a dead human body, but what turns out to a be a stuffed replica of a human made out of dinosaur-nip.

The Marshalls are buoyed by the probability that an actual human made it. Indeed, Rick finds attached to the dummy a partial diary written in English. The diary ends up being a road map of sorts by its writer, a human, to what the Marshalls hope is the way out of the Land and back home.

But they first find the remainder of the diary, entailing dealing with the Sleestak. They discover the journal once belong to a Peter Koenig. Peter had written "Beware of Sleestak" with chalk as a warning to all who came to The Lost City. As they read on, Koenig claimed to have dubbed the Sleestak in honor of Major Joshua Sleestak. They further read that Koenig claimed to have taught the Pakuni a few English words.

After reading all of this the Marshalls decide to investigate. Following Koenig' path into The Lost City. They went into the third entrance, "where the pillars end," which eventually led through a narrow lava chamber, with a narrow ledge, where they find Koenig's skeleton in the chamber and narrowly escape a similar fate.


  • "Not all maps go somewhere."




  • The cavern that houses the second part of the diary looks like the same one that housed the Mageti in The Stranger.
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