Land of the Lost
Season 1, Episode 10
Air date November 9, 1991
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Heat Wave

In Flight to Freedom, the Porters unexpectedly get an opportunity to escape from the Land of the Lost.


Kevin's damaged television set begins to pick-up a strange signal. Tom believes it may lead the family to an energy portal out of the land, leaving behind Christa, Tasha, and Stink.

The Porters attempt to make their peace with saying farewell to their friends, but when Scarface threatens the Pakuni and the tiny Dinosaur, the family must decide what to do. In the end they decide to stay and help Stink and Tasha.

The signal has stopped and the portal apparently closed, but the Porters find cause for optimism when they realize the portal may re-open again soon, and as long as they follow the television signal, they will be able to locate it, and return home.



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