Emily is one of the dinosaurs in the Land of the Lost. She was created using stop-motion and chroma-key special effects.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Emily is a gray-skinned Brontosaurus. Like her comparative versions of Earth's Jurassic period, Emily was a herbivore, approximately 72 feet in length and 17 tons in weight. Despite her immense size, Emily was normally quite gentle; she not typically a threat to the Marshalls and showed tender, maternal feelings toward her adopted son Dopey.

Though under extraordinary circumstances, she can become quite aggressive. On one occasion, during a drought, she charged Will and Holly Marshall, who were forced to seek refuge in a pylon until Emily gave up.



Emily is a female Brontosaurus similar to the comparative dinosaurs of the Earth's prehistoric past. Living near a community of brontosaurs observed by Rick Marshall, she dwells in the swamplands of the Land of the Lost where she eats the aquatic plants growing there. The Marshalls bring her Dopey to adopt, but it's never discerned if he is actually her child or of a relative.

When Dopey was trapped in the tar pit Cha-Ka brought her to him. The Marshalls then tied a rope around Dopey's neck and Emily's neck. But Emily would not back away to pull Dopey out of the tar, presumably because she did not want to abandon Dopey in his distress. Rick and Will then waved torches at her, causing Emily to back away from the flames, thereby pulling her son to safety.

There is at least one behavioral anomaly that is notable. On at least two occasions, she has been seen wandering through the jungle side by side with Spot and Spike. This is particularly odd considering that Emily, Spot and Spike are distinct species. The explanation for this behavior is never given, but one instance was during a drought and on another there was a temporal anomaly, rectified when the Marshalls' present selves were able to escape the Land of the Lost allowing their past selves to enter. Since both these occurrences were rectified through the use of pylons, possibly Emily, Spot and Spike are attuned to the pylons, which causes them to act this way when something is awry.


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