Land of the Lost
Season 1, Episode 7
Air date October 26, 1991
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In Day for Knight, a portal opens in the Land of the Lost and deposits a young knight into the Land.


Kevin Porter rushes to Christa's aid when she is attacked by Scarface, using martial arts techniques to ward off the Dinosaur. Then Kevin is awoken by Tasha, he had only been dreaming.

Later that day a battle breaks out between the Porter children and Shung's Sleestak underlings. During the fighting a portal opens and deposits a young knight in the middle of the battle. As this is going on, Balen, the knight saves Christa’s life, which makes Kevin jealous.

Meanwhile, Shung determines that he must possess Balin's sword, or "magic blade".

Balin, who considers himself a "dragon slayer", tells everyone stories of his great deeds. Everyone is impressed with the knight, save Kevin. However after a struggle with Shung over the sword, Balin reveals the truth to Kevin. He was but a lowly squire who appropriated his knight’s armor for a night, when he went through the portal. He is not any braver than Kevin, and in a battle with Scarface, Kevin proves his mettle.

When the portal re-opens, Kevin refuses to go through because he'd be trapped in the wrong time, and he'd be leaving his family behind. So he and Balin say there goodbyes and the squire uses the open portal to return home.



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