Corny is one of the indigenous animals of the Land of the Lost.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Corny is a miniature brown horse with a single uncurved spiral horn extending from his forehead. He stands at approximately 10 hands in height ("hands" being the unit of measure for the height of horses, with one hand being equal to four inches and a horse's height being taken at the shoulder). His horn is approximately 9 inches long. From forehead to rump, Corny is approximately four feet long.

Despite being a wild animal used as a food source for the Tappa, Corny is extremely docile. He remains calm when approached by Jack and Will, despite never having seen them before. And does not resist when mounted by Cha-Ka.


Corny is one of a species of miniature horned horses raised as livestock and hunted by The Tappa. One of them wanders close to The Lost City and is captured by Jack Marshall as a pet for Holly Marshall, who thinks its a mythical unicorn. When the Tappa abducts it back, Holly goes to rescue it, but Jack must go to rescue them back.



  • Although the Marshalls were successful in their efforts to rescue Corny from the Abominable Snowman, Corny is never seen or referred to again. Corny's fate remains unknown.
  • Surprisingly, considering his species is hunted and used for food by the Tappa, Corny is a very docile creature. He is not at all startled when first approached by Jack and Will, and makes no effort to escape. Nor does he protest when mounted by Cha-Ka. Perhaps the creatures' natural docility is part of what makes them so desirable as food by the Tappa.
  • The scene with Corny crossing the log from the Tappa's territory is kind of unusual. It's hard to comprehend that the Marshalls would get it to cross so casually without getting spooked or skittish.
  • Although he's referred to as a unicorn (and his nickname is inspired by the term), Corny actually bears very little resemblance to the unicorns of legend, save for his single spiral horn. Unlike mythological unicorns, Corny is not a full-sized horse, nor is he white.
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