Colonel Roscoe T. Post was a minor character in the Land of the Lost. He was played by actor David Healy.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Colonel Roscoe T. Post a slightly overweight man probably in his forties with black hair and a handlebar moustache.

Although able to present himself as well-mannered and charming, the Colonel (as everyone calls him) seems to have an underdeveloped sense of empathy, concerned more for his own celebrity and lucrative opportunities than the well-being or feelings of others.

Always on the lookout for opportunities to advance his celebrity and affluence, he is not very careful about revealing too much about his schemes. He openly shares his plans to exploit Cha-Ka in front of a disgusted Holly, who immediately informs Jack. Quite possibly, given his disregard for others, he saw nothing wrong with exploiting Cha-Ka for wealth and celebrity. He might have even been expecting the Marshalls to participate.

He appears unwilling or unable to regard Cha-Ka as an intelligent being with feelings. When he hears Cha-Ka speak for the first time, he refers to Cha-Ka as "it," and "the missing link," seeing only money-making possibilities by putting Cha-Ka on public display for paying onlookers.

Without any regard for Cha-Ka's own wishes, the Colonel attempts to kidnap him, reneging on his promise to take the Marshalls with him when he leaves. When thwarted in his plans, he seems to take the loss in stride, even bidding the Marshalls a fond farewell, asking that they remember him.


While the Colonel speaks much about his life and accomplishments, due to his duplicitous nature, there is very little that could be considered reliable.

He claims to have been in the military, but whether he truly attained the rank of Colonel or if that is merely a title he appropriated for himself is unknown.

He also claims to have gone over Niagara Falls in a barrel and that his achievement was covered in all the newspapers in the world.



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