Landofthelost christa

Christa, like the Porters, the young woman from earth, Christa is from San Francisco and was born in Chicago. Her family was trapped in the Land of the Lost through similar circumstances to the Porters during the 1960's.

At one point, Christa's family built a raft to try to sail to the other side of the ocean, hoping to find signs of civilization. In a subsequent storm, Christa was washed overboard but found refuge on a floating tree trunk where after several days of drifting she found her way to a far away beach.

Separated from her parents, Christa grew up practically alone, and by the time the Porters met her, had repressed almost everything about her previous life. Christa is fiercely independent and feels safe and at home in the jungle. However, she's not oblivious to its many dangers and uses her knowledge of its topography, inhabitants, and various medicinal plants to aid the Porters whenever she can. She is fluent in Pakuni often greeting her human friends with "Acuba Ne" to express both "hello" and "goodbye".


  • Flashbacks of Christa as a child were seen in "Life's a Beach".
  • Christa has a yell similar to Tarzan's that can calm certain animals which she presumably learned from Stink.
  • Christa was originally intended to be Holly Marshall from the original Land of the Lost (1974 TV series), but casting made this impossible. Though some fans identify Christa with Holly, this is inconsistent with Christa's background (the Marshalls never mentioned owning a dog), age (Christa was much younger than 12 when she was separated from her parents), and appearance (Holly was a natural blonde with straight hair).
  • Christa has named the Triceratops she has domesticated "Princess." We see that was the name of her childhood poodle on a Polaroid she has.
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