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Season 2, Episode 24
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Cheers is the Twenty-Fourth episode of the Second Season of Land of the Lost.

Summary=[edit | edit source]

Kevin Porter and Stink happen upon some berries that have unusual properties.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Stink finds a grove of fruit trees. There, the fruit has fermented, effecting his mind. When Kevin realizes that Stink is "ill", he decides to partake of the berries as well.

Later, Kevin works up the courage to ask Christa out on a date, but feels like he needs a boost of confidence. He returns to the fruit grove and gets more berries. He then crashes the family car into a tree, and misses his rendezvous with Christa.

Embarrassed, Kevin asks Stink to lie for him. Stink does so, but is wracked with guilt. Meanwhile, Tom Porter suspects that Kevin is not telling the truth about the accident.

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