Captain Ruben Van de Meer is a minor character in the Land of the Lost. He was played by actor Rex Holman.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Captain Ruben Van de Meer is a man of about 40 years of age, ruddy complexion and reddish-blond hair, and a full beard and mustache wearing 17th Century naval uniform. Sentenced to serve solitary duty forever on the Flying Dutchman for unspecified "dereliction of duty," he is quite lonely. He is also rather scheming and an able manipulator.


Dutchman captain

Captain Ruben Van de Meer was the Captain of the Flying Dutchman the Marshall encountered within the Mist Marsh. He is the sole crew member of the Flying Dutchman, attended only by the ghosts of other crew members. (These voices are not merely hallucinations since the Marshalls can hear them, too.)

Van de Meer soon appeared before them alone aboard his ship. Although he promised to take Jack, Holly, Will and Cha-Ka back through the Dimensional gateway by which he arrived, he'd secretly planed to leave with only Holly on board. Since she reminded him of his long-lost daughter, Wilhelmina.

Jack however soon realized that Van de Meer’s ship was the legendary Flying Dutchman and saved Holly at the last moment, with the Captain apologizing for his behavior as he and his ship went through the portal.



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