The Bug is a large mosquito-like insect who appears in Land of the Lost using a combination of puppetry and CGI.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

The Bug is a large mosquito-like insect that dwells in the Land of the Lost. Its exact taxonomy is unknown, but it seems to live off the blood of larger animals, later preying on Dr. Rick Marshall.



The Bug is an indigenous insect within the Land of the Lost. Upon Dr. Rick Marshall's arrival, it attached itself to his neck and sucked the blood from his there to the point of its blood sac expanding to several times it normal size. At first, it sucks a large amount to the point of Rick feeling lethargic, but the bug moves itself to his back only to suck far more, only to be squashed when Marshall collapses due to blood loss.


Notes and TriviaEdit

  • This insect only appears in the "Land of the Lost" movie; there is no indication it exists in any of television versions.
  • It's closest series counterpart would be the Toola from Scarab.
  • A normal mosquito can only drink about 0.0000067 liters of blood per fed. This mosquito sucked over 6,000 times more than normal.
  • The bug at its overfilled state would weight about 10 pounds, 2,000x the weight of a normal mosquito.
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