Dayforknight balin

Sir Balen was squire who pretended to be a knight from King Arthur's Court. After "borrowing" his master's armor and sword while he's asleep, Balen set out into the moors and was enshrouded in a "blue bubbling fog" and ended up in the Land of the Lost just in time to save Christa from a gang of Sleestaks. After Shung heard of this, he sent Keeg and Nim after Balen's sword, thinking it to be a "magic blade".

Balen's desire to protect "M'lady Christa" caused friction with a jealous Kevin Porter as he set out to escort her home not aware that she could take care of herself. Kevin went after him, they again encounter Scarface (whom Balen referred to as "The king of all dragons"). After eluding him, the ground shook and another doorway appeared. Balen offered Kevin his morning star in recognition of his bravery and disappeared through the gate.


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